Bobmil Industries​ offers a vast range of polythene and packaging products direct​ly​ from our warehouse​​. With over 3 decades of experience, our service exceeds the expectations of our customers. We aim to meet all of your packaging requirements and pride ourselves on our personalised service.

Our polythene products are supplied to various market sectors like parastatals, multinational organizations, NGO’s, motor industries, construction companies and various manufacturing industries.

Continuous investments, modernization, planning and executions allow us to work with the latest machinery supported by a well trained work force ensuring quality every step of the production process.


Bobmil Industries is currently the only firm in East and Central Africa to have the EUROPEAN CO-EXTRUSION MACHINE that produces branded shrink wrap.​ ​​Bobmil Industries is also the only firm successfully running a WINDMOLLER & HOLSCHER Market leader 8 Colour printing machine in East Africa.​

Some of our ​RANGE includes:

.  Clear polythene films in various gauges and width from 3” to 6 MT's (in sheet form, roll form as well as gusseted)

. Clear polythene film in various gauges (in tube form and printed)

. Clear UV polythene films maximum 6 MT's width as well as in color.

. Polythene bags in any size and gauge. choice of clear and printed in all colors.

. Multi-layer films - used for packing milk, sugar, salt, rice, oil etc.

. Multi-layer films for lamination.

. Shrink-wrap - clear and branded films in any size and gauge.

Bobmil Industries i​s ​committed to Providing High Value Products. We only source our products from suppliers that meet our high standards of quality control. Increasingly today, this means taking into consideration our environment. Where possible, we aim to source biodegradable materials.

Bobmil Industries have partnered with world renowned raw material supplier EXXON MOBIL.

All Raw materials and inks are FDA approved and recyclable.

We Provide a Fair Price, for high value products, where we aim to be competitive quantity for quantity​.

In essence, our dedicated team provides a specialist personal service for our customers Today.